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holiday style guide by rose & thread

Holiday Style Guide by rose & thread

Timeless. Loved by everyone. This is what to wear this year. 

The Perfect Holiday Outfit

The Hostess

Black. Always elegant and the perfect background to show your festive side.  Add jewelry for that extra sparkle.  

Tip: Start with a heel (we love red this time of year) but keep comfy flats within reach so you can quickly change and pass out cocktails and clean up as your guest move around the room.

Pair our Anne Top with the Audrey pant for the perfect Hostess look. 

The Perfect Guest

House parties hosted by friends or family give you an opportunity to relax just a bit.  Jeans paired with our blazer  and heels will have you event ready. 

But what to bring your hostess?  Tip: Something tailored to her will be best.  Bath soaps, specialty tea, a gift card for a manicure are gifts she will cherish well after the party is over.  

The Office Holiday Party

This is always a time to shine. But what to wear?  Set a fresh tone for the festivities with a white blouse paired with a classic pencil skirt.  Pepper the look with pops of gold to show you are festive.  

Tip: Be sure to network, thank your boss (and bosses boss) for a great year and go easy on the punch!  You will be remembered when that promotion comes around. 

It is the most wonderful time of the year...