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About us

O U R   S T O R Y 

rose & thread is a socially conscious women’s clothing brand. The company was started with one goal in mind: to make classic, timeless, quality pieces for women.  Taking from her background in fashion and retail, coupled with inspiration from classic icons, Robin Barrett Wilson, developed a line of timeless pieces for the modern woman.  These are classic designs that "do more", are high in quality, construction, fabric, and fit impeccably.

M A D E   I N   N Y C

made in nyc

If each of us spent just an extra $64.00 a year on American made goods, it would create 200,000 new jobs.  At rose & thread, we believe supporting our local economy is the best way for us to help others. By producing our designs in NYC, we help keep highly skilled workers employed, we know they are treated with respect, work in a safe environment and are paid a fair wage. 

With every purchase you make from rose & thread you are positively affecting the US economy and those who created our designs. 

Our Founder - Robin Barrett Wilson

founder robin barrett wilson

For the past 25 years, Robin has dedicated herself to nearly every facet of the fashion industry. Working from the ground up, she has worked for and with some of the most prominent names in the fashion industry— Victoria's Secret, Tory Burch, Chico's Brands, Barney’s, New Balance, J. Crew, to name a few.  She started in store operations and progressed to buyer before switching to selling apparel for vendors. At the beginning of the tech craze, she went behind the scenes, consulting with retail companies on eCommerce, Omni-channel, and Supply Chain.

In 2015, rose & thread was born, when as an executive in the retail and tech industries, where first impressions are key, Robin discovered a hole in the market for luxurious, classic garments she had always loved for her own wardrobe.  Each piece in the collection is developed to be the perfect complement to every woman's style. 

Robin is dedicated to helping women find their voice in the corporate world and frequently writes and speaks about her experience climbing the corporate ladder and de-bunking stereotypes.