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How to Wear Vintage Trends Today - Part 2

How to Wear Vintage Trends Today - Part 2

by Melissa Calise July 19, 2016 0 Comments

Dresses, jeans, and more dresses. As we continue to compare the decades of fashion you will notice the 1970's had two very prominent trends. And they couldn't be more different!  Jeans for the girl who was ready for everything and dresses for all occasions. It is funny how these two trends, although they have changed from the 1970's, have really stayed as the "go-to" trends for today.



The birth of the wrap dress came in the 1970's after Diane von Furstenberg made her way into the fashion world.  Since that time, the wrap dress had maintained its popularity and has earned its place in the wardrobes of many notable people, like Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama. Even if you aren’t royalty or the first lady, a wrap dress is still a must-have piece because of its versatility and comfort.

Our tip, for the dog days of summer, try a breathable organic cotton wrap dress like ours by Indigenous, which a perfect example of a classic wrap dress that flatters women of all shapes and sizes.


Flared Denim

Denim styles are constantly going in and out of style and right now flare is definitely in! Distressed, dark wash, light wash, it doesn’t matter! In flared denim, we can channel our inner 1970's selves, while also keeping up with this decade’s latest trends. Farrah Fawcett’s exact jeans would fit in just perfectly in 2016. A quality flared pair of jeans can take you a long way.   Treasure this trend for years to come, perhaps even pass them down to younger generations.

Our tip, ease into this trend with a pair of micro-flare jeans like our Henry and Belle jeans, which are less dramatic but still on-trend!


Maxi Dresses

The 1970's was all about feeling free and whimsical and that certainly showed through the major fashion trends of the time period. In the 1970's a majority of maxi dress were made with light and airy fabrics in vibrant colors and patterns. After staying out of the limelight for a few decades, the maxi dress made its way back into popular culture during the mid-2010's. Now in 2016, maxi dresses have peaked in popularity. Today’s maxi dress have been altered a bit from the past, lengths are now longer and to the floor rather than the ankles, but our designs are continually inspired by the boho vibes of the 70's.

Our tip, add a bit of romantic air to your outfit by choosing a maxi dress with a delicate pattern and fringe detail, like ours by Karen Zambos. These subtle details are surely reminiscent of the 1970's.

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